Support to National Tempus Offices (NTO) in conducting Human Resources Management follow-up activities in Kazakhstan May-August 2014

September 01,2014 |Category : Latest News

After the successful completion of HRM follow-up events in Kyrgyzstan in October 2013 and in Uzbekistan in January 2014, a major activity has taken place in Kazakhstan from May to August 2014, involving two international expert missions to Almaty and Karaganda.

During two meetings with the head of the NTO in Brussels in February 2013 and in Almaty in April 2014, the Kazakh Economic University in Almaty (KazEU) and the State Medical University in Karaganda (KSMU) were selected, a well-experienced practitioner from the University of Galway, Ireland, proposed and requested by the NTO, approved as international expert to conduct this activity. The focus was to improve the capacity of selected Kazakh HEIs to develop and implement HRM strategies as well as to conduct HR assessment and audits on highly professional and practice-oriented level.

While the original approach foresaw three expert missions, and the fact finding mission successfully took place in May 2014, upon request from the KazEU the missions two and three were combined and organised in August 2014.

During the first fact-finding mission, the expert team interviewed 27 staff (HR as well as administrative and academic staff) in seven sessions in Almaty using a structured interview based around on a preprepared questionnaire and analysed the available HR policies and procedures. A further 20 staff were interviewed in Karaganda. As result, the expert developed a set of recommendations for further improvement of HRM issues, in particular with regard to a coherent development of HR strategy and policies.

The final mission completed by the end of August resulted in a series of workshops for HR and academic staff of the KazEU and KSMU and a concept paper for implementation of revised HR strategy and approaches in both universities.