Social inclusion and gender equality to be addressed at CAEP events in Tashkent

September 28,2018 |Category : Latest News

CAEP is organising two events in Uzbekistan this October that will be addressing the issue of how education can be used to promote social inclusion and gender equality in both Central Asia and the EU.

On 11th October a Regional Seminar on ‘The role of education in supporting social inclusion and resilience against radicalisation among youth in Central Asia and the European Union’ will take place in Tashkent. The role of education in preventing and countering violent extremism was identified as a priority for EU cooperation in Central Asia at the Second Meeting for Ministers of Education (MIN) in Astana in 2017, in line with the global commitment to Sustainable Development Goals, in particular to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (SDG 4).

This seminar aims to contribute to policy dialogue on the link between quality education and training and issues of social inclusion, economic integration and resilience among young people. The event will be attended by up to 50 delegates, including representatives from Central Asian Ministries for Education and Labour, staff from HE and VET institutions, youth and student associations and non-formal and community organisations, as well as participants from EU institutions and Member States and other relevant organisations such as UNESCO and the OSCE.

Presentations will be made on the EU strategy to strengthen inclusive education systems, the role of the Mahalla Institution, and the “Global Citizenship Education” approach; during interactive workshops participants will discuss the use of non-formal education and community-based approaches, how to ensure equitable access to quality education for vulnerable groups, and the transition from education to employment.

The day before the seminar, a webinar will be held on ‘Gender Equality in Education’, another priority topic highlighted at the Second Meeting for Ministers.  This will be the second in a series of up to five online webinars planned for the extension phase of CAEP 2, the first of which was held in July on the role of sectoral councils in developing NQF. Webinars are considered to be not only an add-on to face-to-face meetings, but genuine forms of sharing best practice and facilitating policy dialogue at practitioner level; they can also make more efficient use of existing funds and enable the participation of a wider audience.

The webinar will aim to raise awareness for gender equality as a relevant factor for sustainable socio-economic development;  familiarise participants with the EU Gender Action Plan 2016-2020 (EU GAP II); discuss the main aspects of gender equality and persisting inequality in education; and  share good practice for well-designed and implemented activities with regard to gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting.

In preparation for the webinar the CAEP Team is conducting a review of the current situation of gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE) in HE and VET in Central Asia and identifying good practices for policies, methods and instruments supporting gender equality. The findings of the review will be used to open a debate on the issue among policy makers, education practitioners and related stakeholders.

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