IBF International Consulting

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location Avenue Louise 209A 1050 Brussels Belgium
call Tel.: +32 2 237 0900
phone Fax: +32 2 230 46 49
icon E-mail: [email protected]
arrow_icon Website: http://www.ibf.be

IBF International Consulting (Belgium) is a Brussels-based consulting company operating since 1977. IBF works with various organisations (governments, education institutions and NGOs) to promote the development of education, social and economic policy and supporting systems.

IBF carries out technical assistance and framework projects worldwide in both developing and transitional economies. The company provides tailored consulting advice within the areas of education, social and economic development, consumer protection and institutional support. IBF has backstopping facilities responding to the highest quality standards. IBF’s project support team is very well experienced and skilled in project management, in particular with EC rules.

IBF already has a strong presence and valuable experience in the Central Asian region.