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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the major organization responsible for the management of programmes that support higher education cooperation and exchange with all parts of the world. Reestablished in 1950 after its original creation in 1925, the DAAD is an independent, nonprofit organisation whose full members are German higher education institutions and their student bodies. In its capacity as funding organisation for international academic cooperation, the DAAD has responsibilities in the fields of foreign cultural, education and development policy. It has acquired unique expertise in the field of higher education systems in industrial, transformation and developing countries. By providing consultancy services, the DAAD aims to share this knowledge with partners all over the world to assist them in their efforts to strengthen higher education and to implement education reforms. The DAAD has valuable experience in the modernisation of higher education, both at system and institutional level.

The DAAD runs over 250 programmes, through which it funds more than 74,000 German and foreign scholars worldwide per annum. These programmes range from semesters abroad for undergraduates to doctoral programmes, from internships to visiting lectureships, and from information-gathering visits to assisting with the establishment of new universities abroad. It is experienced in providing support for the establishment of platforms in the education sector, the organisation of conferences and fairs as well as marketing services like the implementation of websites.

Moreover, it is part of an extensive network of experts and political decision-makers worldwide. DAAD’s exchange activities with the Project region are managed by its section ‚Central Asia and Caucasus‛ based in Bonn and supported by its corresponding offices abroad (‚information centres‛), which are based in:

  • Almaty (Kazakhstan)
  • Bishkek (Kirgizstan)
  • Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  • Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
  • Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • Erivan (Armenia)
  • Tiflis (Georgia).