Webinar – Teaching and Learning Innovation in Higher Education (HE)

January 24, 2019

Webinar (online)


Madina Gainelgazykyzy ([email protected])

Innovative Teaching Methods was identified as a priority area for platform activities during the First Ministerial Meeting of Ministers for Education in Riga in 2015, and confirmed in the Astana Declaration during the Second Ministerial Meeting in 2017. The outcomes of CAEP activities such as the Peer Learning meetings on Qualification Frameworks and Quality Assurance have also demonstrated that although participants are well aware of teaching innovation strategies, there is a demand for further dialogue and knowledge sharing.

CAEP is therefore organising two webinars on Teaching and Learning Innovation in January 2019; this first one will give an overview of teaching and learning innovation strategies in the EU and internationally, and will focus on Higher Education (HE).

The objective of the webinar is to improve policy makers’ overall awareness and capacity to stimulate and orient grassroots methodological innovation in teaching in HE, while fostering cooperation at the Central Asia regional level as well as with the EU.

Up 15 participants from each CA country will take part, representing Ministries of Education and Labour, state agencies, HE institutions, business associations, chambers and companies, education practitioners, and international and donor organisations.

The webinar will:

  • Address the issue of teaching and learning innovation in relation to CAEP policy aims
  • Illustrate the main methodological and technological innovation occurring in the EU and internationally
  • Identify emerging needs and demand for cooperation coming from Central Asia
  • Present good practice examples of policy level initiatives from both CA countries and the EU
  • Present operational strategies to implement methodological innovation at the institutional level, and stimulate exchange on concrete elements of these strategies.

Presentations and case studies will be put forward during the webinar by education experts from CA countries and EU member states. In the lead up to the webinar, a short introductory dossier will be sent to all participants, providing a systemic picture of teaching and learning innovation literature and current policy, and a set of questions will be collected and circulated to be covered during the meeting.

The webinar will last approximately two and a half hours and will conclude with a summary of preliminary recommendations from the participants for future policy development.