Peer Learning NQF 3rd and Final Meeting

Peer Learning NQF 3rd and Final Meeting

September 18, 2017 to September 19, 2017

Riga / Latvia


Anna Opitz ([email protected])


A Regional Conference on NQF took place in Riga in April 2016, where high-ranking representatives from all five Central Asia countries, Latvia and Poland came together to share their good practice in developing all levels of National and Sectoral Qualification Frameworks. Follow up national meetings took place throughout the year in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Questions raised at the national meetings included: national set of regulations on NQF, the current challenges and how they can be addressed, the role of national bodies, the links between qualifications and labour market needs, present activities and next steps in implementing NQF etc.

A series of NQF PL events in CA countries produced the following outputs: – Learning  and documentation exchange on current developments among policy makers and experts of the Central Asia and EU countries; – Transfer of good practices and know-how on concrete implementation steps of NQFs; – Policy advice for National Authorities, based on international state-of-the-art analysis; – Development of a working method, including monitoring process and reporting procedures that will establish a cross-country professional community among the participating country teams.

The theme of the 3rd and final meeting on NQF is titled: Alignment and self-certification of national qualifications to international Qualification Frameworks and includes subtopics. The aim of the final meeting is to consolidate results of all previous meetings and to formulate a set of recommendations for follow up activities and for the other PL Groups that might be set up within CAEP in the near future.


  • Riga Meeting Agenda [Eng]
  • Riga Meeting Agenda [Ru]


  • Presentation AARNA [Ru]
  • Presentation PORNIECE [Eng]
  • Presentation TRAIDAS [Ru]
  • Presentation Bologna Centre Kazakhstan [Ru]
  • Presentation MES Kazakhstan [Ru]
  • Presentation MES Kazakhstan 2 [Ru]
  • Presentation MES Kyrgyzstan [Ru]
  • Presentation MOL Kyrgyzstan [Ru]