Evidence Based Policy Making in VET and HE – 5th Working Group meeting

December 10, 2018 to December 12, 2018

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)


Madina Gainelgazykyzy ([email protected])


The aim of this working group is to enhance Central Asian countries’ capability and use of evidence for policy analysis and policy making in the fields of Vocational Education & Training and Higher Education, by addressing the following needs:

  • Reinforcing monitoring functions in Central Asian countries through better knowledge and skills of participating actors in the initiative;
  • Sharing experiences and lessons across countries and with the EU on the evidence based policy making approach and added value, including tools and methods of work and roles of actors;
  • Creating a network in the region which will continue to exchange practices and evidence in the area of VET/Higher Education and skills development.

The initiative is based on the policy learning methodology and is being developed and implemented by CAEP and the European Training Foundation (ETF), building on ETF’s experience with the Torino Process. The 5th working group meeting will be dedicated to the transition of students graduating from VET and HE to the labour market. The main focus will be on providing evidence on the transition process and the use of graduate tracer studies. This meeting will enable participants to share experiences of existing Central Asian and EU approaches to the topic, with a particular focus on the availability and use of quantitative and qualitative evidence that support the approaches. As was already the case with the first four working group meetings, country teams will have the opportunity to reflect on how to apply some of the aspects outlined in the workshop in their own countries. The workshop will include practical working sessions on approaches to developing and carrying out tracer studies as well as case studies from Latvia and Poland, in which practitioners will share their experiences of tracer study work.



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