Central Asian Education Platform Celebrates the Launch of the Second Phase of the Project to Strengthen Education Reforms in the Region

March 22,2015 |Category : Latest News

The EU-funded project “Central Asian Education Platform (CAEP)”, implemented by a consortium led by GOPA Consultants, celebrates the extension of the project into a second phase up to 2018.

22 March, 2015

Since 2012, the EU has been fully funding this project with 2 million euro. The project will help to strengthen education reforms in the region by promoting policy dialogue in the education sector and better coordinate donor-financed education projects and programmes.

Mr Christian Wagner, CAEP Project Team Leader, states: “CAEP has been successful so far in facilitating regional dialogue on relevant education matters in Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education between the EU and Central Asia. With the launch of the second phase, CAEP will intensify the high-level policy dialogue, thus demonstrating the commitment and the efforts of the European Union to contribute to the ongoing modernisation and reform processes in education in the region.”

The Central Asian Education Platform project was established in 2012 as a key pillar of the European Education Initiative (EEI) for Central Asia. It aims to contribute to the adaptation of education systems of Central Asian States to the needs of the globalised world, as well as to the necessities of the region and the societies in each particular country.

The CAEP phase 2 project covering all five Central Asian countries is to run from 2015 to February 2018, following on seamlessly from the current ongoing project. On the basis of a needs assessment and stakeholder consultations, major topics were chosen for further policy dialogues. They include quality, employability, teacher policies, and human resource management in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE).