CAEP 2 project extended for a further year until March 2019

March 01,2018 |Category : Latest News

The CAEP team is delighted to announce that the CAEP 2 project is officially being extended until March 2019 and will continue to build on the progress and achievements of the Platform since it was originally established in 2012.

A range of activities are being planned for the coming year, in line with the Astana Declaration agreed at the Second Ministerial Meeting in June last year and the revised priorities for cooperation and dialogue in the fields of Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET):

  1. Development of Qualification Frameworks and Standards
  2. Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  3. Employment and Labour Market Needs
  4. Innovative teaching methods
  5. Contribution of education to prevent violent radicalisation of youth
  6. Contribution of education in addressing gender inequalities
  7. Effective financing of education system and institutions

The Platform will organise activities and services in the following three areas over the next 12 months:

Dialogue Forums

  • The Working Group on “Evidence-based policy making” is to be extended, with two meetings planned to address the challenge of “Employability – the transition from education to work”,
  • Two Regional Workshops and Conferences will be held, on; “Role of education in supporting social inclusion and resilience among youth in Central Asia”; and “Strengthening education reforms and employability in Central Asia and the EU – The EEI and CAEP 2012-2019”
  • A series of virtual meetings and webinars will take place, on “Gender equality in education”, “Innovative teaching methodologies in education in HE and VET” and “Financing of HE and VET”.

Mapping and Communications

  • The CAEP website will continue to keep project participants up-to-date with ongoing CAEP and partner activities
  • Bi-monthly newsletters will be published, covering the latest events organised, studies published and relevant information on developments in HE and VET in the EU and CA countries
  • The CAEP online mapping database will be extended, with some 35-50 further identified education projects by international donors


Three more background/stock-taking reports will be produced:

  • • Background paper for planned Regional Conference on Social inclusion and resilience among youth in Central Asia– the role of education
  • Background paper for planned webinar on Gender Equality in Education
  • Background paper for planned webinar on Financing of HE and VET

Further details of all these activities will be published on the website in due course. If you would like receive regular updates on CAEP developments, please subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter.